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Associate Commissioning Professional

Why Become an ACP?

The Associate Commissioning Professional (ACP) can be a stepping stone to Cx Providers starting their journey in this profession. Once they study for, take and pass the ACP test, they can use their proven knowledge to commission projects, using the profession’s best practices, until they are able to qualify for the CCP.

For other professionals, the ACP is a certification that demonstrates their knowledge of the Cx Process as they interface with Cx Providers and project teams. Potential ACP recipients could include anyone who procures and/or manages commissioning contracts, supports the inclusion of commissioning on portfolio facilities, commissioning educators, operations and maintenance facilities personnel and those who enforce code-required commissioning.

Attaining the ACP demonstrates:

  • You have gained the knowledge and technical application of the new construction commissioning process by an independent organization
  • Your focus on professional growth and development
  • Enhanced professional credibility
  • Increased job opportunities

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Basic Eligibility Requirements

Recognizing a combination of education and experience, where completion of higher education requirements is accepted in lieu of experience and higher levels of experience are accepted in lieu of greater education, applicants must meet a minimum of education and experience as outlined in the table below:

Licensed Architect or Professional Engineer
1 year building industry-experience**
Bachelor’s Degree in the building sciences* or equivalent military training/service
2 years building industry-experience**
Associate/Technical/Vocational 2-year degree, non-building related Bachelors of Science Degree, or equivalent military training/service
3 years building industry experience** or 2 full years in providing building commissioning.
High School Diploma, or GED
7 years building industry experience** with at least 5 of those years spent working in building commissioning.

* Building science education is defined as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction science, construction management, architecture and other majors/fields of study designed to train people for careers in the building industry.
** Building industry experience is defined as design, construction, testing and commissioning, code enforcement and operations.

How to Apply

Download the ACP application and complete including payment information. In order to receive a BCxA member discount the candidate is required to be a member of the BCxA.

Save the document in a PDF format using the following naming format: Last_First_CCP_App.pdf

Email the document to

OR, print and mail the document with payment to:
BCCB, 1600 NE Compton Drive, Suite 200, Hillsboro, OR 97006

Applications will be processed within 15 business days of receipt. If an application is approved, applicants will receive email instructions concerning examination registration procedures and testing options.

If you have any questions, please contact the Building Commissioning Certification Board at 844.881.8601 or

Statement of Impartiality

The BCCB provides an objective and balanced certification awarding service. We adhere to transparent procedures based on ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which contains built-in checks to ensure the objectivity of certification activities.