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About The BCCB

Our Purpose

The BCCB is an autonomous member organization. It exists to serve the public and the profession of building commissioning through the establishment and maintenance of criteria and procedures for the certification of professional building commissioning service providers. The BCCB shall in all of its actions strive to serve the needs of the certification program stakeholders, represented by the certificants, the public, employers, and regulators.

Our Mission

The Building Commissioning Certification Board’s mission is to provide the premier industry-recognized commissioning certification program.

Our Vision

To be the world’s largest and most well-respected credentialing organization representing the building commissioning industry.

History of The BCCB

To sustain a high level of credibility and best practices in the credentialing industry, the BCCB was created in 2002 as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Applicants and holders of certification are not required to be members of the BCA.

The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) established the BCCB as a committee to oversee the process of creating a commissioning certification that would demonstrate a candidate’s proficiency through education, experience, and a rigorous written examination. Funding to develop the certification program was provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). During its first eighteen months, the committee actively evaluated components of the certification program, explored professional issues associated with certification, researched other industry certification programs, and sought input from the BCA membership. In 2002, BCA management entered into a contract with Knapp and Associates International, a Princeton, NJ-based consulting firm and industry leader with a proven record of assisting professional organizations to develop certification programs.

The process was based on the International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard 17024. Requirements for achieving accreditation through this standard included (1) establishing a framework for the administration of the program and (2) conducting a comprehensive survey of commissioning professionals to define the knowledge areas and specific skills required to conduct a successful building commissioning project. From this process, a comprehensive body of knowledge was developed, along with a determination of how the certification examination should be structured.

The committee spent intensive time developing criteria for candidates to qualify for eligibility to take the examination, and for subsequent certification. With counsel from Knapp, a draft application form was created along with a special candidate bulletin that explains the process in greater detail.

On June 15, 2004 The Building Commissioning Certification Board was officially incorporated in the state of Washington as a nonprofit organization, immediately and officially separated from the BCA as required by ISO 17024. In May of 2004 the BCCB rolled out its first CCP exam. Since then several test question revisions and eligibility updates have occurred; certifications are always a work in progress – as the job tasks change, so must the certification requirements.

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Board Members

Dwight Gray
Engineering Economics, Inc.

Todd Watson
Vice President

Christopher Pell
JBB Field

Nicholas Beale
Communications Director

Adam Mangrich
Director at Large
Systems West Engineers

Reza Nagash
Director at Large
Synergy Consulting

Derek Cheung
Director at Large
Isotherm Engineering Ltd.

Bryan McLean
Director at Large
P2S Cx
Dan Forino
Director at Large
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Tracey Whaley
Director at Large

Mike Davis
Director at Large
The Concord Group

Brian Mende
Director at Large
Bath Group


Liz Fischer
Executive Director

Aimée Brown
Certification Manager


Nominating Committee

The BCCB shall name a Nominating Committee which shall be responsible for ensuring that BCCB elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, supporting the need to nominate and fill the positions of the BCCB Board of Directors.

Appeals and Discipline Committee

The BCCB Board shall convene an Appeals and Discipline Committee that shall hold responsibility for hearing appeals in situations in which an adverse decision about an applicant, candidate or certified person has been recommended. The committee also holds responsibility for ensuring that allegations of practice incompetence or malfeasance and/or ethics violations by certified persons are fairly and reasonably investigated and determined against the Conflict of Interest Policy, the Policy of Non-Discrimination, the Non-Disclosure Policy, the Privacy and Security Policy, the Code of Ethics and the Essential Attributes of Building Commissioning tenets, by which all certified persons must agree to abide. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the protection of the public against unprofessional and unethical conduct by certified persons.

Examination Committee

The BCCB Board shall convene an Examination Committee who shall hold responsibility for the examination content, development, maintenance and delivery, as well as oversight of all processes associated with these activities.

Marketing and Outreach Committee

The Marketing and Outreach Committee is responsible for helping spread the word about BCCB’s valuable certifications. We are looking for people with commissioning industry knowledge and experience who know how to market programs through promotional activities, special campaigns, educational material and messaging. We are especially in need of folks who understand social media marketing and how we capture the interest of the next generation of commissioning professionals.

Statement of Impartiality

The BCCB provides an objective and balanced certification awarding service. We adhere to transparent procedures based on ISO/IEC 17024:2012, which contains built-in checks to ensure the objectivity of certification activities.