BCCB needs you! Let’s Build the Future Together!

We are calling on you to volunteer to participate on a BCCB committee. Your expertise in the Cx profession makes you a valuable committee member in achieving BCCB mission to deliver the premier industry-recognized commissioning certification programs.

Top Reasons to Join a BCCB Committee:

  1. Help build the future for certified commissioning professionals and the future of the built environment
  2. Provide solutions through brainstorming and discussion of ideas that will benefit all certified professionals and firms in the Cx industry
  3. Improve your leadership skills
  4. Build relationships with a community of commissioning professionals
  5. Serve at a greater level to the organization that certified you and contribute to the growth and success of the BCCB
  6. Position yourself for a future board member position through active participation on a committee
  7. Experience how things work inside the BCCB and the intricacies of certifications
  8. Enjoy different perspectives from a variety of people who contribute to great outcomes for the Cx profession

You can choose from these four committees and can serve for a term of three years.

Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that BCCB elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, supporting the need to fill the positions of the BCCB Board of Directors.

Examination Committee is responsible for the exam content, development, maintenance and delivery, as well as oversight of all processes associated with these activities.

Appeals and Discipline Committee is responsible for hearing appeals in situations where an adverse decision about an applicant, candidate or certified person has been recommended. The committee also holds responsibility for ensuring that allegations of practice incompetence or malfeasance and/or ethics violations by certified persons are fairly and reasonably investigated and determined against the Conflict of Interest Policy, the Policy of Non-Discrimination, the Non-Disclosure Policy, the Privacy and Security Policy, the Code of Ethics and the Essential Attributes of Building Commissioning tenets, by which all BCCB-certified persons must agree to abide. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the protection of the public against unprofessional and unethical conduct by BCCB-certified persons.

NEW! Marketing and Outreach Committee is responsible for helping spread the word about BCCB’s valuable certifications. We are looking for people with commissioning industry knowledge and experience who know how to market programs through promotional activities, special campaigns, educational material and messaging. We are especially in need of folks who understand social media marketing and how we capture the interest of the next generation of commissioning professionals.

Committee Member Applications and the BCCB Policy Appliance Agreement are located here — Apply Now! Submit your application and policy agreement by June 27th, 2018

If you have questions, contact BCCB staff at 844-666-2292 or certification@bcxa.org.