Validate Your Cx Expertise, Become A CCP!


The Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) offered by the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) is a credential unmatched by others in the field – it’s the first and only commissioning certification to receive both ANSI accreditation and official recognition by the Department of Energy’s “Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines”.

The individual CCP application process is simple, swift and economical – application processing, exam and certificate all-inclusive cost for one CCP is $950BCxA (Building Commissioning Association) members receive a $200 discount, offering significant savings over other organizations’ fees and membership requirements. Also, while other certifications require annual membership and renewal costs, the CCP certification does not require membership and is renewable every three years at a cost of $450 and the BCxA discounted price of $300.

Moreover, if you have one or more active CCPs on staff you may want to consider being a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF) at a cost of $1,000 for BCxA members or $1,250 for non-members, with a renewal of just $150 annually. Your CCP and CCF certifications are proof that you offer value to building owners and project teams, and evidence that your company knows how to deliver dependable, timely projects.

Investing in your staff’s CCP certifications will position your firm to:

  • Increase your revenue and your client’s ROI
  • Meet or exceed qualification and selection criteria of RFP/RFQ solicitations
  • Meet rising building performance standards
  • Elevate OPR for performance and benchmarking metrics
  • Establish commissioning partnerships with A/E/C firms
  • Bid and secure state and federal work designated only for certified Cx providers

Don’t wait. CCP and CCF credentials could be working for you before the next RFP shows up!