Why You Need a CCP Credential Now

Many people ask me why I chose the Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) from the myriad of those available. The CCP stands uniquely heads above the rest in a confusing, crowded market in the USA. First, it is the best because the CCP was issued to me as an individual; it is portable wherever my career takes me. Second, it was designed to the highest international ISO 17024 standard and is impartial – the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) did not require I attend their training or that I purchase a membership in their organization to sit for their examination. Lastly, I agreed to uphold the tenets essential for high quality commissioning work. In summary, it is an ethical, third-party endorsement of my professional knowledge and experience. Mobility. Integrity. Excellence. Those three reasons made it the winner in my book.

Colin Moar is Vice President, West Region Commissioning Operations Director for Heery International. Colin has been a CCP in good standing since May 2012. Heery International is a full-service architecture, commissioning, interior design, engineering, construction management and program management firm that brings an extraordinary depth of talent, creativity and technical skills to construction projects.