CCP Registry

The BCCB is proud to announce that the following people have been awarded the Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) designation. This designation can be gained by submitting a comprehensive application, and successfully completing a two-hour examination, and is recognized throughout the commissioning industry as a premier mark of professional achievement. All of those listed below have met all of the necessary requirements for the CCP, which includes being active in the building commissioning industry for at least three years; being of acceptable character, ability, and reputation; and having successfully completed the examination.

The Recommendation Certification for Cx Providers letter may be of interest to those seeking commissioning services. Additionally, active CCPs may include this letter with any qualifications submission to demonstrate to a building owner how the Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) meets or exceeds any commissioning certification requirements that may be requested.

Paul Edwin Abbott, Jr., Kibart, Inc., Towson, MD

Scott D. Adams, H.F. Lenz Company, Johnstown, PA

Farid Ahmed, MMM Group Ltd., Kitchener, ON, CAN

Phillip S. Allen, Peter Basso Associates, Inc., Troy, MI

Steve T. Alschuler, Bath Commissioning Group, Albuquerque, NM

Elliot Alvarez, Altura Associates, Irvine, CA

Dennis Anderson, System Commissioning Consultants, Inc., Damascus, OR

Thomas Anderson, Cx Associates, LLC, Burlington, VT

Benjamin H. Andes, Grumman/Butkus Associates, Evanston, IL

Estefany Andino-Mendez, Horizon Engineering Associates, New York , NY

Steven L. Angle, The Weidt Group, Albany, NY

Yaw D. Ankobiah, Delhaize America, Salisbury, MC

Brian S. Annicharico, Charlotte Engineers, LLP, Charlotte, NC

Steve Anticknap, Hensel Phelps Services, Denver, CO

Caleb Aring, Elevate Building Commissioning, Portland, OR

Nathan Aring, Elevate Building Commissioning, Portland, OR

Matthew Thomas Armstrong, Complete Commissioning, Inc., Baltimore, MD

James R Arthur, MBP, Raleigh, NC

Senthil Kumar Arunachalam, BTU Engineers, LLC, Plano, TX

Nicholas Baker, Wood Harbinger Inc., Bellevue, WA

Frank T. Baldino, Colliers International, Madison, CT

Andrew John Balmer, Welsh Commissioning Group, Auburn, WA

David Michael Balzer, MBP Carolinas Inc, Raleigh, NC

Kent Barber, Keithly Barber Associates, Inc., Tukwilla, WA

John F. Barnard, McKinstry, Golden, CO

Michael Barnett, Sustainable Engineering Group LLC, Middleton, WI

Reg Barsoum, Ecovert Cx, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Peter Bell, SMRT, Inc., Portland, ME

Andrew J. Bennett, SystemWorks LLC, Des Moines, IA

Patrick R. Berdick, Keithly Barber Associates, Tukwila, WA

Erin E. Black, William Tao & Associates, Inc., St. Louis, MO

Miguel Angel Blanco, Commtech Commissioning Services, Madrid, Spain

Clayton Bond, MMM Group, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Rick Boozell, SystemWorks LLC, Des Moines, IA

George Bourassa, Jacobs, Chicago, IL

Kevin Paunell Bowens Jr., Turner Construction Company, New Albany, OH

Jeffrey E. Bowick, CenturyLink, Highlands Ranch, CO

Thomas Boyer, MBP, Fairfax, VA

Richard Bracy, H.T. Lyons, Virginville, PA

Jeremy Braithwaite, Affiliated Engineers, Seattle, WA

Johanna Brau, AHA Consulting Engineers, Lexington, MA

David Braun, MMM Group Limited, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Scott A. Brian, Arup, Houston, TX

Joshua Brincks, Enovity, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Jeramy Bromley, Keithly Barber Associates, Seattle, WA

Bradley Brooks, Cx Solutions, Sacramento, CA

Corey Brown, McKinstry, Spokane, WA

Daniel Brown, The Stone House Group, Bethlehem, PA

Douglas K. Brown, HughCx LLC, Portland, OR

Lance Brown, BVH Integrated Services, Newton, MA

Dan Bryant, WCPSS, Raleigh, NC

Bryce James Buchanan, Group 14 Engineering, PBC, Denver,  CO

Christopher Bulatewicz, McKinstry, Denver, CO

Benjamin Joseph Burgoyne, Baumann Consulting, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Richard T. Burks, III, Paladin, Inc., Lexington, KY

Lanty Butchko, CBRE | HEERY, Bethesda, MD

Mark Cambria, Fusion Systems Engineering DPC, Clifton Park NY

David Cantrill, Commissioning & Green Building Solutions, Inc., Ridgeland, MS

Manuel Canut, CBRE|HEERY, Los Angeles, CA

Charles J. Caramanna, Greyhawk, Mount Laurel, NJ

Stacy R. Carey, Midwest Associates of Indianapolis, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Jeremy J. Carroll, Hy-Vee Construction, Des Moines, IA

Glenn Cattell, Horizon Engineering Associates, Tipton, MI

Doug Chamberlin, EnerNOC, Inc, Pleasantton, CA

Isaac Chambers, Integral Group, Oakland, CA

Adam B. Cheney, VIP Services Inc., Ontario, Canada

Derek Cheung, Isotherm Engineering, Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Marc Chiasson, Isotherm Commissioning (Ottawa) Ltd., Ontario, Canada

Thomas Cocker, Page Southerland Page, Inc., Houston, TX

David Cohen, Grumman/Butkus Associates, Evanston, IL

Ronald Todd Cole, N|V|5 , Raleigh, NC

Gretchen Coleman, Gretchen Coleman Commissioning Group, Roanoke, VA

Brandon K. Collier, Primary Integration, McLean, VA

Lauritz Comninaki, Burgess & Niple, Norfolk, VA

Jeffrey Conley, SEQUIL Systems Inc., Delray Beach, FL

Jeffrey K. Conner, Grumman/Butkus Associates, The Villages, FL

Eugene Constantine, Dayton, OH

Andrew Cooper, Commissioning Solutions, Fargo, ND

Matthew Cooper, Group14 Engineering, Denver, CO

Timothy Cordell, Integrated Commissioning Solutions, San Diego, CA

Michael L. Cork, Estes, McClure & Associates, Inc., Pflugerville, TX

Jorge Torres Coto, Empirical Engineering, LLC, Chula Vista, CA

Stacey G. Cottrell, MBP, Williamsburg, VA

Michael Cox, CML International Qatar LLC, West Bay, Qatar

Robert Crane, Guttmann & Blaevoet, Santa Rosa, CA

Brett Crawford, CES Engineering Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada

Tarek R. Dalati, AEC, Dubai, UAE

Jason Dale, Morrison Hershfield, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Rick L. Dale, Emanuelson-Podas, Inc., Edina, MN

Bob Danielson, Vector Commissioning Services, Omaha, NE

Kevin D. David, Sazan Environmental Services, Seattle, WA

Christopher Davis, Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Michael Davis, Bluestone Engineering, Ankeny, IA

Kevin Day, MBP, Raleigh, NC

Chris Deck, DEC Engineers, San Diego, CA

Rick DeMarinis, CTA Architects Engineers, Helena, MT

Richard Dennis, DLB Associates, Eatontown, NJ

Joel Desroches, Saskatchewan Polytech and Midgard Commissioning, Saskatoon / Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Louis DiPierro, Genesys Engineering, Kingston, NY

Mike Doherty, Engineering Economics, Denver, CO

Shane Doig, Welsh Commissioning Group, Auburn, WA

John Dombrowski, Mazzetti, Erie, PA

Michael Dooley, AKF Engineering, New Haven, CT

Caroline Dougherty, DCM Architecture-Engineering, Camden, NJ

Sean Doyle, MacDonald Miller Facilities Solutions, Tacoma, WA

Thomas P. Doyle, Salas O’Brien, Seattle, WA

Roderick DuBois, BVH Integrated Services, P.C., Bloomfield, CT

Kate DuMez, Group14 Engineering, Denver, CO

Colin Dunbar, BVH Integrated Services, P.C., Bloomfield, CT

Christopher Duranceau, Horizon Engineering LLP, Hauppauge, NY

Erik Dyrr, Guttman & Blaevoet Consulting Engineers, Chico, CA

Jurij Dziuba, CFMS Consulting Inc., Ontario, Canada

Michael Eardley, Cannon Design, Boston, MA

Mark William Effinger, Green Building Services, Portland, OR

Tim Ellingson, Center for Energy and Environment, Minneapolis, MN

Rebecca Ellis, Questions & Solutions Engineering, Chaska, MN

Kennon Elmore, Primary Integration Solutions, Inc., Dallas, TX

Danial L. Emeott, Peter Basso Associates, Inc., Troy, MI

Michael English, Horizon Engineering Associates, New York, NY

Gerald Ensminger, TestComm, LLC, Spokane, WA

David Ericson, Data Center Energy ProfessionalsSt. Paul, MN

Scott J. Esher, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

Douglas L. Ewers, Chesapeake, VA

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Peiman Faeghi, Stantec Consulting Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada

Moe Fakih, VCA Green, Orange, CA

Richard Farkas, Prometrics Worldwide LLC., Las Vegas, NV

John Fedor, CBRE|HEERY, Portland, OR

Roy H. Feinzig, Karbon Engineering, New York, NY

Sam Fenwick, WSP/MMM Group Ltd., Halifax, NS, Canada

Myra Ferriols, Keithly Barber Associates, Burien, WA

Mark Firestone, PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc., Portland, OR

Eric Fitzgerald, Wake County Public School System, Raleigh, NC

Craig D Flatley, Indoor Air Control, Brampton, ON, Canada

Dana A. Fontaine, ICS Consulting, Inc., Blaine, MN

Daniel Forino, Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP, New York, NY

Jonathan Frain, GHT Limited, Arlington, VA

Daniel Frasier, Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc., Boxford, MA

Terry Freese, McKinstry, Maple Grove, MN

Jeremy D. Fugere, Keithly Barber Associates, Tukwila, WA

Steve Fuglestad, McKinstry, Madison, WI

Robert Fuls, McKinstry, Madison, WI

Michael Furibondo, Erdman Anthony, Rochester, NY

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Nick Gabel, JE Dunn Construction, Kansas City, MO

Michael Gannon, BVH Integrated Services, Bloomfield, CT

Gregory Scott Garrison, Brinjac Engineering, Vienna, VA

Charles F. Gaziano, Working Buildings, LLC., Atlanta, GA

Melissa M. Gelley, Genesys Engineering P.C., Kingston, NY

Josh Gentry, Estes, McClure & Associates, Inc., Dallas, Austin & Houston, TX

Kristine Gilmour, Complete Commissioning, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Lyn Gomes, kW Engineering, Oakland, CA

Nate Goodell, Taitem Engineering, Ithaca, NY

Adam H. Gower, BVH Integrated Services, Bloomfield, CT

James Graffam, Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, LLC, Watertown, MA

Dwight L. Gray, Engineering Economics, Inc., Portland, OR

Jerry L. Graybill, Rist-Frost-Shumway Engineering, Larconia, NH

Bradley Greeff, MBP, Fairfax, VA

Walker Greeno, Sustainable Engineering Solutions, Farmington, CT

Eric Gregory, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Janelle H. Griffin, Dewberry Engineers, Raleigh, NC

Christopher Guillou, First New York Partners, Brooklyn, NY

Susan X. Guo-Wu, Heideman Associates, Inc., A Zak Company, Fenton, MO

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Gary A. Hagan II, CMTA Engineering Consultants, Louisville, KY

Stephen C. Halsted, Whitman Requardt & Associates, Arlington, VA

Justin Harder, Turner FMS, San Diego, CA

Max Harshman, DB Engineering, Redmond, WA

Joshua Harwood, McKinstry, Denver, CO

Omar Hashimi, Goldman Copeland Associates P.C., New York, NY

Craig Hatch, CFMS Alberta Ltd., Calgary, AB Canada

Glenn Hatch, Brady Services, Greensboro, NC

Danny L. Haughn, Hanson Professional Services, Inc., Orlando, FL

Craig A. Hawkins, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

Ryan P. Hay, Keithly Barber Associates, Tukwila, WA

Sean M Hayes, Sustainable Engineering Solutions, Berlin, CT

Harry Haywood, Aramark Engineering Solutions, Madison, CT

Trey Headrick, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Gregory Paul Hebb, Morrison Hershfield Limited, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Gary Hebner, Stephen Turner, Inc., Providence, RI

Walter Heins, Coffman Engineers, Inc., Anchorage, AK

L. Scott Henderson, Akana, Bellevue, WA

Jason Ryan Hendrixson, E Cube, Inc., Boulder, CO

Brian Hennig, HDR Architecture, San Antonio, TX

Luis R. Hernandez, Environmental Building Commissioning Group, Alhambra, CA

Kyle Hertenstein, McKinstry, Bozeman, MT

David H. Hickey, Reynolds Consulting Engineers, Harrisburg, PA

Steven C. Hollis, Erdman Anthony, Rochester, NY

Byron Holmstead, Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc., Auburn, WA

David B. Howard, P2S Engineering, Long Beach, CA

Darryl W. Huften Jr., Affiliated Engineers, Houston, TX

Cyrus M. Humphreys III, Alta Consulting Services, Inc., San Jose, CA

Charles Hutchinson, tk 1 sc, Irvine, CA

Thomas C. Hutchison, Enreps LLC, Phoenix, AZ

Reza Ilkhani, Pact Engineering, Concord, ON, Canada

Braydon B. Ireland, C&S Companies, Syracuse, NY

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Marc Jach, Primera Engineers, Chicago, IL

Alan Jagentenfl, HDR Architecture Inc., Portland, OR

James Jen, Energy Performance Engineering, LLC, Newberg, OR

H. Andrew Jerome, LaGuardia Gateway Partners, Flushing, NY

Steve Joern, Genesys Engineering, P.C., Kingston, NY

J Craig Johnas, Rushing Company, Seattle, WA

Brad Jones, Cadmus, Waltham, MA

Mark D. Jones, R&W Engineering, Inc., Beaverton, OR

Tracey Jumper, Jump-Start Building Commissioning, LLC, Kingston, PA

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David M. Karle, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Ken Keener, Primary Integration, Charlotte, NC

Michael C. Keith, Synergy Consulting Engineers, Belmont, MI

Nicholas Keller, ICO Energy and Engineering, Boston, MA

Patrick R. Kenny, Infrastructure Factor Consulting, Inc., El Segundo, CA

Gerald Kettler, AIR Engineering and Testing, Inc., Dallas, TX

Brian Kim, Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc., King of Prussia, PA

A.J. Kindya, Johnstown, PA

Truman “Trey” King, E Cube, Inc., Boulder, CO

Christopher Kinlen, Code Green Solutions, New York, NY

Jack M. Kirk, CH2M Hill, Portland, OR

Bryant M. Kirkland, Dewberry Engineers, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Shawn Klose, Grumman/Butkus Associates, Madison, WI

Drew A. Koenig, STAN & Associates, Inc., Dayton, OH

John Kokko, Enermodal Engineering Ltd., Kitchener, Ontario

Janelle Kolisch, CBRE|HEERY, Portland, OR

Robert Kolnes, BCC Management, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

Robert Krout, GHT Limited, Arlington, VA

Timothy M. Krzywicki, Heapy Engineering, Cleveland, OH

Patrick Kyne, Lotusworks, Medord, MA

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Bryan L. Lackey, Cushing Terrell, Seattle, WA

Michael W. Lackey, LCCx, LLC dba Lackey de Carvajal Cx, San Antonio, TX

Marc Lalonde, Isotherm Commissioning (Ottawa) Ltd., Ottawa, ON

Patrick Lange, Siegel, Rutherford, Bradstock & Ridgway, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Rick Lasser, Arup North America Ltd., Los Angeles, CA

Ernest Lawas, Sustainable Engineering Solutions, LLC., Berlin, CT

David Lawry, Group 14 Engineers, Denver, CO

Ryan S. Lean, Jaros, Baum & Bolles, New York, NY

Colin Lenker, Affiliated Engineers, Inc., Chapel Hill, NC

Cesar E. Leon-Nolasco, Colliers International, Madison, CT

Paul Levy, Independent Consultant, Washington, DC

Chris Liu, Colliers International, New York, NY

Joseph Frank Luccese, Parsons, Annapolis Junction, MD

Carl Lundstrom, Dewberry Design-Builders Inc., Atlanta, GA

R. Joshua Lurton, MBP, Raleigh, NC

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Donald Maggioli, Alares LLC, Quicny, MA

Scott L. Maienza, Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, LLC, Boston, MA

Matthew Malinosky, Questions & Solutions Engineering, Chaska, MN

Adam E. Mangrich, Systems West Engineers, Eugene, OR

Michael Mantai, SystemWorCx, LLC, Charlotte, NC

Aleks Markovcic, Alpha Commissioning Group LLC, Lynwood, WA

Nicholas Marcyan, Interface Engineering, Portland, OR

Anthony Martin, WorkingBuildings LLC, Atlanta, GA

Alex Martinez, Kitchen and Associates, Collingswood, NJ

Jim Mascaro, MBP, Chesapeake, VA

Kent E. Matthews, KEMPE Independent Consulting Engineer, LLC., Marietta, GA

William McCartney, Isotherm Engineering Ltd., Mississauga, ON, CAN

Manus McDevitt, Sustainable Engineering Group LLC, Madison, WI

Jeremy P. McDonald, Guth DeConzo Consulting Engineers, Troy, NY

Nick McDonald, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., Monroe, OH

Timothy McElroy,  Qualifed Cx Provider, LEED AP, Optima Engineering, Charlotte, NC

Jeffrey McEntee, Group 14 Engineering, Denver, CO

John McFarland, WorkingBuildings, LLC, Atlanta, GA

George McFee, Consulting Engineering Services, Inc., Middletown, CT

Brendan McGrath, In Posse LLC, Philadelphia, PA

Todd McGuire, Burns and McDonnell, Seattle, WA

Ian McIntosh, Farnsworth Group, Duluth, GA

Bryan D. McLean, Rushing, Seattle, WA

Pamela Marie Mendez, WSP / Parsons Brinckerhoff, New York, NY

Ronald Mesaros, ARAMARK Facility Services, Garnet Valley, PA

Molly Meyer, Questions & Solutions Engineering, Inc., Mendota Heights, MN

Mark F. Miller, Colliers International, Madison, CT

Stuart J. Mitchell, Wood Harbinger, Bellevue, WA

Colin Joseph Moar, Heery International, Inc, Portland, OR

Ryan Modruson, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, New York, NY

Brian K. Moellenhoff, Heideman Associates, Inc., A Zak Company, Fenton, MO

Daniel S. Morin, BVH Integrated Services P.C., Hartford, CT

Svein Morner, Sustainable Engineering Group, Madison, WI

Nathaniel E. Mostajo, SMI Commissioning & Consulting, LLC., Bellevue, WA

Thomas Joseph Mulqueen, McKinstry, Portland, OR

Peter Murrer, M/E Engineering, P.C., Buffalo, NY

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Vimal Ramabhadran Nair, Freese and Nichols Inc, Fort Worth, TX

Shane E. Nault, Building EnergetiCx, Huntersville, NC

Matt Napolitan, Cx Associates, Burlington, VT

Nicholas F. Neiley, Horizon-Engineering Associates LLP, New York, NY

Trevor Nelson, Dewberry, Costa Mesa, CA

Martin C. Newhard, CBRE|HEERY, Seattle, WA

Robert L. Nichols, Environmental Systems Corporation, Huntsville, AL

Paul James Noetzel, Grumman/Butkus Associates, Wauwatosa, WI

S.R. Norris, Colliers International, Madison, CT

Orry Nottingham, Orry Nottingham, P.E. CAP Inc., Rocklin, CA

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Michael K. O’Brien, CBRE|HEERY, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Tim O’Neill, Welsh Commissioning Group, Auburn, WA

Mark Opresnik, Opresnik Engineering Consultants Inc., Toronoto, ON, Canada

Monier Madison Ouabira, MIT, Cambridge, MA

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Jeanine Palmieri, Consulting Engineering Services, Inc., Middletown, CT

Michael J. Palumbo, Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP., Baltimore, MD

Shane Park, K.F. Davis Engineering, Bay Area, CA

Domenic Paoletti, Heapy Engineering, Cleveland, OH

Dominic Paone III, Integrated Design Solutions, Troy, MI

Saagar Mahendra Patel, Hill Mechanical, Franklin Park, IL

Kevin Perri, entegrity, Denver, CO

Juan Pesante, TriStar Commissioning, Orlando, FL

Michael J. Philp, Watterson Construction Co., Anchorage, AK

Christopher W. Piche, Integral Group, Toronto, ON

Steven Playo, Pennoni Associates, Philadelphia, PA

Tom Poeling, U.S. Engineering Company, Westminster, CO

Jeremiah D. Point, Nova Commissioning Services Ltd., Ottawa, Canada

Richard J. Polak, Wendel, Williamsville, NY

Charles B. Porter, Hill International, Inc., Bethal Park, PA

Joel Putman, Engineering Economics, Inc., Lenexa, KS

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Louis Redmond, Jr., Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL

Sandy Renshaw, William Tao & Associates, St. Louis, MO

Ilya Reyngold, Colliers International, Washington, DC

Chris Rice, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., Monroe, OH

Steven M. Riehle, Grumman/Butkus Associates,  Wauwatosa, WI

Jeffery J. Riggs, Greyhawk, Mount Laurel, NJ

Anthony Rocco, ALR Engineering Services Inc., Burlington, ON, Canada

Candice Rogers, Paladin, Inc., Lexington, KY

Larry Ross, Erickson Living, Baltimore, MD

Benjamin Roush, FSi consulting engineers, Baltimore, MD

Leonard Russell Rozek, E Cube, Inc., Boulder, CO

Timothy R. Rucinski, Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP, Baltimore, MD

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Philip G. Saoud, Peter Basso Associates, Inc. Troy, MI

Jessica Sanborn, Elemental Commissioning Company, Seattle, WA

Stephen C. Sanford, ATI, Inc., Columbia, MD

Jack Schirpke, Transwestern Sustainability Services, Milwaukee, WI

Robert E. Schlitter, Colliers International, Madison, CT

Ralph Schmitt, Engineering Economics, Inc., Lakewood CO

Brian Schwartz, Burns & McDonnell, Bloomington, MN

Mark Seaburg, Arup North America Limited, Los Angeles, CA

Gary Short, sys-tek P.A., Inc., League City,  TX

Michael Shutt, OnQGlobal Inc., Glendale, AZ

T. Adam Siegrist, Dewberry, Fairfax, VA

Ed Simpson, TESTCOMM, LLC, Spokane, WA

Mandeep Singh, E Cube, Inc., Chicago, IL

Daniel A. Skellie, Engineering Economics, Inc., Albuquerque, NM

James Sledd, Burns & McDonnell, Chesapeake, VA

Jeff Small, Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc., Auburn, WA

Andy Smith, tk1sc, Irvine, CA

Kevin D. Smith, Elkhorn Commissioning Group, Bozeman, MT

Paul T. Smith, Environmental Systems Corporation, Huntsville, AL

Ray Smith, GHT Limited Consulting Engineers, Arlington, VA

Piotr Sosniak, Cosentini, New York , NY

A.J. Speicher, Borton-Lawson, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Timothy P. Staley, Empirical Energy Solutions, Little Rock , AR

Wesley L. Stanhope, CLEAResult, Westborough, MA

Dustin K. Stanley, MES Group Inc., Tampa, FL

Louis Starr, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Portland, OR

Cory St. Clair, SFA Architects, Cincinnati, OH

John Steward, McKinstry, Littleton, CO

Lance A. Stewart, Farnsworth Group, Inc., Greenwood Village, CO

Robert Stokes, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., Monroe, OH

Jonathan Mark Straniero, BCC Management Inc., Las Vegas, NV

Steven James Stratton, Burns & McDonnell, Arlington, VA

Karl R. Stum, Summit Building Engineering, Vancouver, WA

Frank X. Sullivan, Eastern Kiewit Building Group, Omaha, NE

Ryan Stephen Sutkowski, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., Scranton, PA

Kenneth J. Swan, M/E Engineering, P.C., Buffalo, NY

Treasa Sweek, Sweek Consulting Engineers, LLC, Seattle, WA

Jesse A. Sycuro, McKinstry, Seattle, WA

Robert L. Symmes, TriStar Commissioning, Inc., Orlando, FL

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Thomas Tainter, Tainter’s Optimized Mechanical Solutions, LLC, Fall Creek, WI

Scott Talbot, SystemWorks LLC, Indianola, IA

Amir Tarazy, Stantec Consulting, Calgary, AB

Chad Tassin, Limbach, Columbus, OH

Angela Dawn Templin, Glumac, Seattle, WA

Tim Thatcher, Questions and Solutions Engineering, Hood River, OR

Gerald Timothy, MBP, Conshohocken, PA

Taylor A. Thompson, RMF Engineering, Charlotte, NC

William A. Thompson, MEP Commissioning, Inc., Golden CO

Kevin Thurston, Thurston Engineering Services, Saskatoon, SK

Kenneth E. Toombs, Toombs & Assoc. Engineering Specialists, Inc., Denver, CO

Robert Totton, Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Robert L. Towell, CxE Group LLC, Edwardsville, IL

Andrew Tranovich, Southland Industries, Union City, CA

Matthew B. Tunnard, Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP, Ann Arbor, MI

Dylan Turner, The Greenbusch Group, Inc., Seattle, WA

Stephen C. Turner, Stephen Turner, Inc., Providence, RI

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Joel A. Urban, Brady Trane Service, Inc., Morrisville, NC

Kenneth Urick, SSRCx LLC, Nashville, TN

Scott Usselman, Engineering Economics Inc, Seattle, WA

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Francisco Valentine, Premier Energy Services, LLC, Laurel, MD

Rick Vance, Viridian, Little Rock, AR

Boz Van Houten, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Vince van Oostenbrugge, ETC Group, Salt Lake City, UT

Jonathan Vaughan, Page Southerland Page, LLP, Houston, TX

Gregory Veca, DEC Engineers, San Diego, CA

Vincent J. Ventosi, Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, Boston, MA

André Vermette, Winnipeg, MB Canada

John VerShaw, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

John Villani, Grumman/Butkus Associates, Evanston, IL

Kenneth Von Bank, Sustainable Engineering Group, Madison, WI

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James L Waldrep, MBP Carolinas, Inc., Raleigh, NC

Kevin Waldrop, System West Engineers, Eugene, OR

Michael B. Walsh, Consulting Engineering Services, Inc., Middletown, CT

Brian Lee Walters, Page Southerland Page Inc., Houston, TX

Ivy M. Wang, Wang Commissioning, LLC., Roxbury, MA

James Warner, CBRE|HEERY, Portland, OR

Joseph D. Warren, Keithly Barber Associates, Tukwila, WA

Michael Watts, Affiliated Engineers, Gainesville,  FL

Lia Webster, CLEAResult, Portland, OR

Elise Wei, Glumac, Los Angeles, CA

Cameron C. Welbig, Burns & McDonnell, Bloomington, MN

Bradley Welch, Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Salt Lake City, UT

Bryan Welsh, Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc., Auburn, WA

Tavis Werts, Altura Associates, Irvine, CA

Kelly Westby, Steven Winter Associates, New York, NY

Tracey A. Whaley, DLR Group, Denver, CO

Sean Whelan, Dewberry, New York, NY

Jeffrey S. Willis, Page Southerland Page, Inc., Houston, TX

H.M. “Boomer” Whitcomb III, McKissack & McKissack, Dallas, TX

Tim Whitley, RS&H, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

Ken Wikoren, DEC Engineers, San Diego, CA

Rusty Wilde, PDC, Inc., Anchorage, AK

Wayne T. Williams, Architect of the Capitol, Washington, DC

Cynthia J. Wilson, Wilson Jones Commissioning LLC, Seattle, WA

Jay Wilson, KLG Jones, LLC, Greer, SC

Scott Wolf, National Facility Solutions, Hastings, MN

John Wood, NORESCO, Boulder, CO

Philip Wright, Brinjac Engineering, Washington, DC

Evan Wyner, Colliers International, New York, NY

Paula Yelverton, Primary Integration, Rockville, VA

Joseph C. Young, e2s energy efficiency services, llc, Columbus, OH

Richard Young, CBRE|HEERY, Portland, OR

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